Dear all,

On behalf of the organizers of Good Morning Bangladesh 2013, I am happy to inform you that we have raised $22580 this year from four morning breakfast programs .
Money raised from different venues are as follows:

                                                  Blacktown           5th May 2013           $11380.00
                                                  Glenfield            12th May 2013           $ 1750.00
                                                  Lakemba            19th May 2013           $ 4220.00
                                                  Mascot                26th May 2013           $ 5230.00
                                                   TOTAL                                                $22580.00

The total contribution with this year's figure now amounts to $87350.45  

The attached file shows Bangladesh community's contribution to Cancer Council over last 13 years.

Thanks everyone for your support to such a noble cause.  

Abdul Haq
On behalf of Organizers of Good Morning Bangladesh 2013






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