ear Engr. Nazmul Ahsan Sheikh,
Salam. How are you?
I am a charmed reader of your writings of the Sydneybashi-Bangla.Com
Today only I have seen, 1st time (after long time I have browsed
Sydneybashi-Bangla.Com) your writing and read some of your nice
political articles at a stretch- published in the internet issue of
the Sydneybashi-Bangla.Com.
Many thanks for your stunning, appealing and interesting political columns.
It is revealed that you are an engineer. Please accept my heartiest
thanks again for absolving us (engineers) from the guilt (BADNAM) of
our less capability in literature, specially in writing! Though there
are many good writers - who are engineer in our society, like Engr.
Abul Hayat (he writes regularly in the Prothom Alo, Engr. Dr. Gholam
Mostafa (now MD of Dhaka WASA), Dr. Rashidul Hasan Khan (VP of EUCSU),
Engr. Mozammel Babu, a very active and sharp political columnist of
Bangladesh and many others)
I live in New Zealand. If you do not mind, may we talk with you over
phone, to exchange views and also express our gratitude to you?
By the by, I am also an Engineer, graduated from BUET in 1980 from
Civil Engineering Deptt.
No more now, more when we will talk!
Waiting for your reply. Until then,
Shafiqur Rahman Bhuiyan (ANU)



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