Dear Nazmul Ahsan


I have read your latest article on Sydney Bashi website. Your analysis is very realistic indeed. I am waiting to read the next chapter.


I left Bangladesh in January 1988 after completing my BScEng from BUET. I witnessed my friend, a strong supporter of Satro Union, slapping a poor waiter boy at the Sohrawardi Hall canteen. People joined political parties for power only not to serve the country or society. I was not involved in politics back home and did not get a chance to vote.


I am a regular donor (human rights defender) of Amnesty International. Amnesty is doing works that we cant. I joined the Labor Party in Sydney over 10 years ago to advocate social justice. Now with some stroke of luck I got elected to Parramatta City Council. I often get asked that if I joined politics to be a councillor or if I have plan to go further. Being elected is not an end in itself, it is a means to the end (which is social justice).


Some Bangalees often proudly declares, "I don't do politics", as if politics is something very bad, not sure if it was directed to me. It shows the mindset created by the political environment in Bangladesh. I am satisfied with politics here, very civilised and not based on personality cults.


I just thought to share my ideas.




Shahadat Chowdhury





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