A New Publication on the Liberation War of Bangladesh


Aapon Ainay Ekattor

Published by Agamee Prakashani (email: agamee@bdonline.com), Bangla Bazar, Dhaka, December 2005, pp. 296, Price: Tk. 250, US $ 10.

The independence of Bangladesh is an outcome of a prolonged freedom struggle. This fight for freedom began from the political struggles of the 50’s and 60’s and transformed into a national movement. This led to the liberation war of 1971 to resist the atrocious genocide and torture of the Pakistani Army. A lot of sacrifices were made by the Bangalis during the 9-month war, which was decisively won and led to the creation of a sovereign People’s Republic of Bangladesh. This freedom struggle is considered one of the most glorious chapters in the lives of Bangladeshis in particular, and human history in general.  

In this context, the recent publication of ‘Aapon Ainay Ekattor’ is a significant step forward in capturing the many known and unknown events of our freedom struggle. The book painstakingly, and with courage and honesty, chronicles the historical perspectives and narrates numerous events of the liberation war leading to sovereign Bangladesh. It is an auto-biographical and eyewitness account of a dedicated freedom fighter, a memoir based on his observations, insights with untold stories on how the war was fought and won, and rare photos and illustrations.

This is an important publication at a time when the true history of the Liberation War is being deliberately sullied and altered. It is hoped that the book will create interest among a new generation of readers and inspire them to be inquisitive about the true history of our independence and key personalities involved. Understanding this may assist our ongoing struggle towards achieving good governance, free of corruption, and an appreciation of the sacrifices by millions of compatriots, including freedom fighters, mothers, sisters and children. 

The author of the Book, Mr Shafiq Ullah (61), is a prominent Freedom Fighter and a Sub-Sector Commander of Sector 11, who was an Air Force Officer leading to the Liberation War and currently is a retired Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police (Bangladesh) and a Consultant.

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