Dear editor

I am really very much appreciative for  maintaining neutrality in your esteemed website sydneybashi.com. This made me a regular reader of your website from the very beginning. This should be an uncompromising principle for any media like your website. Please keep up the great work.

মোহাম্মদ লোকমান, আবুধাবী প্রবাসী

 lokman, Abu Dhabi



To the Editor,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am pleased to inform you that one of our bangladeshi has opened a Law Firm known as "Royal City Solicitors".

I am a regular vistor of your website and have seen News of many new events and progress of our community.

I dont know whether this information is important for you to be in your website to notify our community that one of our Bangladeshi Solicitor has opened a legal practice in Sydney. (Please note: He does not provide immigration service).

If you feel, you want our community to be notified that one of your community member opened a new law frim, please do not hesitate to contact him on 9757 2333 and/or 0401227529.

I appreciate your service and note that many of our community legends are still unknown to us.

One of your website visitor


To : Editor, Sydneybashi-Bangla.com

I was pleasantly surprised to learn during my visit to Melbourne that your website had published the news about my visit to Sydney the following week. I am very happy to note that my meeting with BUET Alumni in Sydney and their families on Sunday, 2nd July has received coverage (news plus photographs) in your website. It was a very happy reunion with many of my former students and colleagues at BUET, some of whom I met after more than 20 years. I was delighted to learn that many of them are successful professionals and well-established in Australia.
Thank you for the kind words.
Please convey my thanks to the organizers of the event.


Jamilur Reza Choudhury
Vice Chancellor
BRAC University


Mithali and musical sublimity

a postscript by Khairul Chowdhury  


Mithali has attained truly the musical sublimity in her performance on the evening of the 10th June at UNSW.

Her performance has not only benefited but also altered and activated her audience.

She attained the sublimity by:

(a)  involving every member of the audience, and her musical rendering became the collective experience for the whole assemblage of the evening;

(b) the grand musical voice, she turned every song into even more powerful trance, building a link between the performer and the audience.


She was the star of the night who appeared as the signifier, or image of eternal Bengali musical self with her glowing tribute to the audience as participants.


The evening would be cherished by the Bengali community with the hope of experiencing many more such evenings in the future.   The community will sing through Mithaliís voice:




a love supreme

a love supreme  


To: The Web Master, SydneyBashi-Bangla.

I read the poem composed by Prieta. It is really a very good one. I just
want to let her know (although she will know this in course of time) that
the colour of rain bow is in the order of VIBGYOR, not as ROYBGIV as she
mentioned in her comment section. Since this fact (VIBGYOR) is so well
know, it may benefit her in future. Well done Prieta!


Syed Masood Hossain  22/05/2006


I am a regular visitor of Sydneybashi-bangla.com. This website is very informative and helpful for all of us in bengali community. I like to notify u that www.priyocanberra.com link is no longer exist. They have changed their name to www.priyoaustralia.com . So, I will be very happy if u will revise the link and change it to www.priyoaustralia.com .
Chris     22/05/2006

Hello friends
I Like ur Website. It is beautifull.
I am the son of PURNA DAS BAUL from India
with love
(Dibyendu Das) 03/04/2006

Throughout the years that you have proven marvelous covering the cultural events in your website.

Nazmul, Sydney, CQ Campus


I love to use Internet. Since I found your website I browse almost everyday. If you link more useful link about Bnagladesh then it would be more attractive.

Nasim Dhaka


outstanding initiatives to launch such a wonderful online magazine for the benefit of our community. I found that the page refreshes very often and takes the user on top of the screen. Would be more readable and appreciated you could avoid refreshing the page that often. Please keep continue this good work. We all love your site. Kind Regards. Krishna, Sydney  2/10/2005

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