A special Memorial Day Tribute - In Honour of the famous Actor, Humayan Faridi.

A special Memorial Day program was held on the 18th of March, 2012 for the passing of famous and renowned artist and actor, Humayan Faridi, at Macquarie Fields Community Centre. Memories of the great actor were shared by his colleagues and close friends at a memorial hosted by actor Shaheen Shahnewaz who was a friend and co-actor with Faridi. The programme began at 5.30 pm. A minutes silence was observed. Dr. Qaiyum Parvez made a special dua for the departed soul. After the dua, Shaheen Shahnewaz expressed his deepest sympathy and spoke of some fond memories he had of him. There were many Bangladeshi expatriate community members, social activists, media personnel and cultural activists who came to show their respect for this great actor. Mustufa Kamal screened a small video, made back in 2002 of Humayan Faridi, which showcased an excerpt of his performance, as well as a small interview with him.

Renowned actor Humayun Faridi died at his Dhanmondi residence on the 13th of February. He was 60. Faridi was well-known for his extra-ordinary and unprecedented roles in the dramas and movies. Making his debut with “Nikhoj Shongbad”, he went on to perform in TV plays like “Bhangoner Shobdo Shuni”, “Bokulpur Kotodur”, “Mohuar Mon”, “Shaat Asmaner Shiri”, “Pathor Shomoy”, “Shongshoptok”, “Kothao Keu Nei” and many more. His memorable theatre appearances were in “Muntasir Fantasy”, “Foni Monsha”, “Shakuntala”, “Kittonkhola” and “Keramot Mongol”. He has also enjoyed an illustrious silver screen career, earning acclaim for “Bishwo Premik”, “Mayer Morjada”, “Ekattorer Jishu”, “Shyamol Chhaya”, “Jai Jatra” and “Bachelor”. Faridee won the National Film Award in 2004 for his performance in the movie “Matritwa”.

The program ended with dinner. This was a memorable evening.






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