World Engineers’ Day Celebration by The Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB) Australia Overseas Chapter

The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) Australia Overseas Chapter celebrated World Engineers Day with a theme “Better Sustainable Future for the World” on 4 March 2023, held at Red Rose Function Centre, 96A Railway St, Rockdale NSW 2216. There were over 200 Bangladeshi engineers and families attended in the program, which was organised first time in Australia.
The program started with Bangladesh and Australia national anthem by all participants, and then celebrated world engineers’ day with thirteen IEB overseas chapter's flags and song by thirteen kids. This was followed by reception of distinguished guests on the stage by IEB Australia chapter’s chairman and secretary Engr. Abdul Matin and Engr. Dr. AHM Kamruzzaman respectively. The honourable emeritus Professor Dr. Elizabeth Taylor, chairman, Washington Accord; HE M Allama Siddiqi, high commissioner of Bangladesh in Australia; Professor AFM Saiful Amin, acting chairman, Board of Accreditation for Engineers and Technical Education (BAETE), IEB; Professor Olivia Mirza, president, Engineers Australia (EA) Sydney chapter; consulate general of Bangladesh in Sydney and several other distinguished guests attended in the program. Former councillor, Engr. Dr. Shahadat Chowdhury conducted the program.
Following the introduction of distinguished guests, Dr. Kamruzzaman delivered a presentation on the topic “World Engineers Day-IEB Australia chapter's initiative". Dr. Kamruzzaman addressed various activities of IEB Australia chapter including working with BAETE, EA and several universities of Bangladesh for Washington Accreditation process, and also how Bangladeshi engineers are contributing globally on innovative landmarks projects including sustainability. This was followed by an insightful presentation from Professor Saiful Amin on the topic “The Trajectory of Bangladesh”, where he put forward current signatory status of Washington Accord Accreditation for Bangladesh, BAETE alliances with international engineering organisations and professional engineering status, Bangladeshi engineers’ contribution on landmarks projects in Bangladesh including Padma Bridge, Metro, tunnelling and many more economic development projects. The honourable chief guest Professor Elizabeth Taylor was excited with the contents of the presentations and IEB Australia chapter’s various activities, in particular Bangladeshi engineers’ contribution on projects, disaster management, women engineering and sustainability. HE honourable high commissioner M. Allama Siddiki addressed his speech inline with overall economic development in Bangladesh and its alliance with Australia, engineers’ activities in Australia and beyond and continuing close cooperation with EA for future development of our engineers. Finally, Professor Mirza delivered her presentation on the importance of women engineering in Australia. After the presentation and speech, IEB executive members and prominent engineers/academics namely: Engr. Sohel Karim, Engr. Shafiq Suvho, Professor Ataur Rahman, Dr. Rafiqul Islam, Dr. Zahid Hoque, A/Professor Neaz Sheikh, Engr. Abu Sayeed Asad, Engr. Siddiqur Rahman, Engr. Mossarat Hossain Khan, Engr Sadia Afrin, Engr. Rashid Patwary and Engr. Ziad Hasan handed over crests to the distinguished guests.

The IEB Australia chapter launched a magazine on “World Engineers day” jointly by Engr. Dr. Abdullah Al Mamoon and HE honourable high commissioner M. Allama Siddiki. This was followed by recognition of Bangladeshi women engineers for their contribution in Australia with huge appreciation from the audiences. Professor Elizabeth Taylor handed over medals to the women engineers.

The second part of the program was started with several songs by famous singer Amia Matin. Dr. Abdullah Al Mamoon wrote a song on “Padma” bridge and sung in the program with overwhelming appreciation from the audiences. Sofia Mamoon and Engr. Muhammed Shahidul Islam also had their favourite songs in the program. Engr. Abu Sayeed Asad recited a nice poem for the audiences. Engr. Shafiq Suvho conducted the second part of the program. Finally, the closing remarks speech was delivered by Engr. Abdul Matin with the emphasis given to various missions and visions of IEB Australia chapter, and for better program in future.



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