“Deshi Khao Deshi Gao a Bangladeshi community event was held at Korean Society Hall, 82 Brighton Ave, Croydon Park on 31st of October, 2015. The event was organised by Aus-Asia Events. Main motivation of this event was to help the poor blind children in Bangladesh. The net contribution amount of the event has been donated to Children Sight Foundation (CSF Global) .The event was a combination of Bangladeshi music, food, fun rides and other activities for the kids. Popular singers of Sydney Amia Matin, Arfina Mita, Refat Bita, Rukhsana Rahman, Shuvra Mustarin and Sydney’s popular Band 8 Notes performed at the event. Performers of 8 Notes were Ehsan Ahmed(singer), Hassan (Vocal & guitarist), Asif (Vocal & guitarist), Sami (Key board), Rubel (Pad drum), Shaon (Drums) and Taif (Tabla) . At the end they organized the screening of bangla movie 'Chora Bali’. The organizers are very happy with the successful of this event and will continue in future.









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