Press Conference of Mrittupuri - First Bangladeshi Film to be shot and produced in Australia.
Presented by Annie Sabrin

Guests were welcomed

Director Introduced
Zayed rizwan - an aspiring director that aims to take cinema into new horizons. Starting his career in ch 7 and has worked in the Under Belly action series as a line producer.

Producer introduced
Buddy Safi - a successful businessman who is passionate about the Dhallywood film industry and decided to get onboard to back Zayeds project.

Co Producer introduced
Arijit Shaon - very good friends with Zayed and since it was Zayeds dream to make this film happen, Shaon decided to become a part of his dream. He has always been involved with the cultural scene in Sydney.

Executive Producer introduced
Rahmat Ullah - over 8years experience as a producer on TVS channel and natok drama and highly interested in producing films.

Line Producer
Michael Karaki - business associate of Buddy and jumped onboard once he heard the plot of this amazing story.

Arifin Shuvo - superstar introduced
Prosun Azad - heroine introduced

Other local artist from Sydney and behind the scenes cast members were introduced eg AD, Dop, etc

Zayed gave a brief insight into what the movie is about - action, gangster

Press/media had an opportunity to take photos

Prominent members of the community attended to show their support

Dinner and Dessert served at Bonolota Restaurant, Rockdale








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