Ancient Themes Future Vision
An Evening of Dance, Poetry, Sufi Qawwali and DJ music.

The Sydney Sacred Music Festival 2015, Campbelltown Arts Centre is proud to present Ancient Rhythms, Future Visions on Friday 11 September 2015. This collaborative performance featured the “Godfather of Indian Electronica” DJ Coco Varma with some of Sydney’s finest South Asian performers, melding sacred dance and music with Sufi poetry and electronica.
Paying respect to the sacred traditions of the past while creating sacred sounds for the future. Come dance, meditate, or both!. Abbas Raza Alvi, poet & music composer, nicely presented the program.

Coco Varma
(Earthtribe/ SitarFunk) Australian Qawwali Party
Abbas Raza Alvi
(Poet and MC)
Nirmal Jena
(Odissi Dance)
Maharshi Raval












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