Ekushe Academy Australia Inc AGM 2020:

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Election 2020 of Ekushe Academy Australia Inc (EAA) was held on Sunday, 6th December 2020. The meeting was held at the Red Rose Function Centre, Rockdale which was presided by the then President Dr Swapan Paul and conducted by the then General Secretary Mr Janmejoy Roy. It was a joyous occasion in being able to meet face to face, once again. All proceedings took place in a COVID-19 safe manner.


After the AGM, an Election was conducted by the Election Commissioner Dr Maksudul Bari and assisted by Mr Mafizul Hoque. The following Executive Committee was formed for the term 2020-2022.


President:                                             Engr. Abdul Matin

Vice-President :                                   Dr. Sultan Mahmud

General Secretary:                               Rownak Hasan

Assistant General Secretary:                Bulbul Ahmed (Shaju)

Treasurer:                                             Md Kamrul Islam

Cultural Secretary:                               Sayeed Ashiq (Sujon)

Publications Secretary:                        Dr Shakhawat Nayon


Executive Members:                           

Nehal Neyamul Bari

                                                            Al Noman Shamim

                                                            Dr Abdul Wahab

                                                            Dr Swapan Paul

                                                            Dr Monira Hoque (Irene)

                                                            Md Abdus Sattar

        The program ended with the presentation of some victory day patriotic songs.






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