Ekushe Academy Australia received Ashfield City Council’s Grant -2015.

Ekushe Academy Australia Inc. received funding through the Ashfield City Council Arts, Community and Environment Grants Scheme on 26 November, 2015 at Ashfield Council Conference Hall. There were many recipients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and the program was well presented. Hon Deputy Mayor Alex Lofts presented a $1,500 cheque to Ekushe Academy President, Dr. Abdul Wahab. Ekushe Academy Australia is well known to Ashfield City Council. They have jointly erected the Monument of Remembrance for Ekushe martyrs in Sydney’s Ashfield Heritage Park, in remembrance of International Mother Language Day. Ekushe Academy Australia organise a day-long Book Fair and cultural program every year, dedicated to immortalising the memory of the 21st (Ekushe) February and the International Mother Language Day (IMLD). They also do a seminar, blood donation drive and participate in Clean Up Australia day with Ashfield City Council.
Hon Deputy Mayor recognised and expressed his full satisfaction of Ekushe Academy’s contribution to Australia’s Multi-cultural Society and is happy with their continued support.

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Hon Deputy Mayor Alex Lofts



From Left: Engineer Abdul Matin (Executive Member of Ekushe Academy), Mafizul Hoque (Ex President of Ekushe Academy),

Hon Deputy Mayor Alex Lofts and Dr. Abdul Wahab ( President of Ekushe Academy) receiving the Cheque.


From Left: Dr. Abdul Wahab ( President of Ekushe Academy), Hon Deputy Mayor Alex Lofts, Laurence Barrel ( General Secretary of Ekushe Academy) and  Mafizul Hoque (Ex President of Ekushe Academy).








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